Anne of the IndiesAnne of the Indies

2017-10-24 03:34 0 355
【片名】: Anne of the Indies
【地區】: 美國
【影片類型】: 劇情 / 動作 / 冒險 / 愛情
【影片年代】: 1951
【導演】: 雅克·特納
【編劇】: 菲利普·鄧恩 / 道格拉斯·麥克阿瑟 / Herbert Sass
【主演】: 簡·皮特斯 / 赫伯特·馬歇爾 / 黛博拉·佩吉特 / 托馬斯·戈梅斯 / 路易斯·喬丹
【時長】: 81 分鐘,USA: 87 分鐘(director's cut)
【上映時間】: 1951-10-18
【imdb】: tt0043288
【評分】: 6.7 0.0 (8人評分)
【標簽】: 美國 / 動作 / 1950s / US / 美國 / 愛情


After seizing a British ship, the female pirate captain Anne Providence (Jean Peters) spares a Frenchman captured by the British, Pierre LaRochelle (Louis Jourdan) from walking the plank. He agrees to join Providence's crew and soon she begins to fall for the handsome officer. They travel to an island where they meet with her piratical mentor Captain Blackbeard (played by Thomas Gomez), who takes an instant dislike to LaRochelle although he at first holds back as he can see Anne has affection for him. After lavish celebrations and much drinking is done, things take a darker turn...